If a Jewish person starts to believe Jesus was the messiah can they still be Jewish?

If  a Jew  accepts Jesus as ‘messiah’, that means they are embracing Christian ideology. That is their right – of course it is. But they can’t then claim to be practising ‘judaism’.

To accept Jesus – or anyone – as maschiach WHILE our prophecies are not fulfilled, would be in violation of Jewish beliefs.

Because of course the ideology surrounding Jesus is also that his death ‘atoned’ for the sins of mankind. This violates Torah. Torah states that no person can ever die for the sins of another human being. We are each responsible for our own sins.

Let’s apply the premise of this question to Christianity:

‘If a person denied that Jesus was divine and son of god, could they still be a Christian?’


‘If a Christian accepted that Mohammed was the final prophet and carried the word of god, can they still be a Christian…?’

What would the answer be…?


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