How do Jews rationalize the perverse moral laws in the Old Testament?


They must rationalize them somehow because they know that killing a child who cusses their parents is a bit extreme as is killing people for being promiscuous, cheating, and working on the Sabbath.Reading Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Exodus will make any moral person cringe?


Nobody ever got killed for the reasons you mention. Nobody was ever killed, period – just because the punishment was not forbidden, doesn’t mean it was used.

Had you done some further reading, you would have learned that the Jewish ‘court’ system was SO strict that if even one person in 70 years was sentenced to death, it was regarded as ‘extreme’.

By the way –  the ‘old testament’ is NOT a Jewish text. It’s the Church-written, Christian, Christianised version OF our Tanakh. We follow the Tanakh, we don’t read the OT. It is far from accurate in many instances.


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