For Anyone That Is Jewish, A Question About Jesus

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First off I have to say to me, a personal thing, I don’t like to hear someone call someone a Jew. I feel it is disrespectful.

I am a Christian & one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I believe that Jesus was the Messiah. My understanding of Jewish people not believing he was, is limited.

I know you don’t believe the New Test. so it’s hard to say the Greek Scriptures prove he was. So, why do you not believe that Jesus Christ is the seed foretold in Gen.? I am not meaning any disrespect at all. Also, do you believe that God’s name is Jehovah?


Thank you for this sensitively worded question 🙂

It’s fine to call us ‘Jews’ by the way. Historically, yes, the word was used negatively, but the word itself is neutral. It all depends on the context and the tone 🙂

To address the main query:

We don’t worship Jesus for the same reason we don’t worship any of the other Jewish blokes who were gallivanting round Judea insisting they were ‘maschiach’.

Note how many of these other would-be maschiachs were crucified by the Romans. Also note that many of them fulfilled *more* of the 23 Jewish prophecies than Jesus did:

Judah Maccabee – delivered the Jews from oppression by leading rebellion against Syria. The Maccabee familes ruled over Israel for over 250 years – and there was peace. Maccabee priests were all anointed. Judah Maccabe qualifies as a would-be Maschiach.

Theudas: claimed to be a prophet and a would-be maschiach. He is mentioned in Josephus (Antiquities, 20:97).
In 44 C.E. he was
crucified by the Romans.

Judas of Galilee: led Jewish uprising against Rome, 6.C.E. Mentioned in Josephus (Wars, 2:118). He tried to liberate the Jews from Roman rule – his followers called him the Saviour, and the Messiah.
He was crucified by the Romans.

Benjamin the Egyptian: Mentioned in Josephus (War 2.261263). He claimed to be the Maschiach, and he inspired rebellion against Rome.
He too was
crucified by the Romans.

Menachem: grandson of Judas the Galilean, 67.C.E. Outspoken, zealot, leader, claimed to be the Maschiach.
He was crucified by the Romans.

Cyrus, King of Persia: called lthe ‘mash’aka’ (anointed) according to Isaiah (Isaiah 45:1)

King David
King Hezekiah:
– both were anointed, both ruled and brought peace. Both named the ‘king of the Jews’.

And there were many others, including:

Menahem ben Judah.
Moses of Crete.Serene.
David Alroy.
Abraham Abulafia.
Asher Lemmlein.
Reubeni and Solomon Molko.
Isaac Luria.

Shabbethaian Pseudo-Messiahs.

Mordecai Mokiaḥ.
Jacob Frank.
Moses Luzzatto.

Read more:…Read more:…


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