Can I Label Myself a ‘messianic jew’?

I am a Christian and I really want to be a Jew. But I still believe Jesus is the true messiah. I looked up “messianic judaism” and I know is basically the same as Christanity. So can I label my self a “messianic jew?”


You have just stated that you are a Christian.

So you already know you are not a Jew.

It would therefore be a lie to claim you are a ‘jew’ of any type. If you really wanted to be Jewish, you would convert to Judaism – which you are most welcome to do.

You don’t want to, of course, because you don’t believe in Judaism. So please, don’t lie about it. Don’t claim to be a ‘jew’ of any kind.

If you don’t wish to be called a Christian, then by all means call yourself a Messianic Gentile. Or a follower of Yeshua. But you are not Jewish- don’t LIE about it.

You would never lie about belonging to any other faith, right?

Show Judaism the same respect.


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